The FAA Guidelines for using drones (UAV’s)

Drones, Real Estate Agents, and the FAA

Every real estate agent should be aware that there are legalities, rules, and certifications for complying with if a drone, or UAV, is to be used in a “COMMERCIAL” application.

In real estate, we are using drones in a commercial application because the photos and videos taken with a drone are used for marketing a property.

This a commercial application.

Therefore, you should become familiar with the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration. They have taken a very direct stance on regulating how drones (UAV’s) are used.

The FAA breaks it down like this. If you “Fly for Fun” there are some very simple and practical rules for how, when, and where you can operate your drone.

If you “Fly for Work”, then the following requirements listed next are needed. You also go directly to the FAA website on the page regarding drones to get this info CLICK HERE to access.

The FAA Guidelines for using drones UAS in a commercial photography applications

  1. Pilot Requirements: You must have a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate and pass a TSA vetting test.
  2. Drone/Aircraft Requirements: The drone must weigh less than 55lbs. And you must undergo a pre-flight check before flying. (if the drone weighs more than 55lbs then it must be registered with the FAA)
  3. Location: Must operate within Class G airspace or have a waiver from the FAA to fly in controlled air space.
  4. Operating Rules: You must keep the drone within your line of sight. Must fly at or under 400ft. Must fly at or under 100 mph. Must NOT fly over people unless you have a waiver. Must not fly from a moving vehicle.
  5. Legal/Regulatory Stuff: Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulation (14 CFR) Part 107.



Our UAS pilots are FAA part 107 certified and will only fly under the current FAA Part 107 guidelines.

If a waiver is required for your project please allow 90 days for the approval process.




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